Manazma Sheen

Strictly Everything

We are an instrumental group of musicians  based in Seattle, Washington seeking to groove and swing and rock and everything in between.

We focus on playing original compositions and arrangments of music by people we admire.


"Manazma Sheen forges modern jazz" - KNKX, The New Cool, Abe Beeson (March 2023)

"You guys are really interesting...." (Scotty X)

Our Musicians

Our band is a variable cast of several veritable Seattle Musicians:

We are fortunate enough to frequently work with and feature other great Seattle musicians.

Recent Videos

For more, see our ::Audio/Visual Page::


Here are some audio recordings of some live performances of some original songs and arrangements.

For more, see our ::Audio/Visual Page::


For booking or information, send us an email at m4n4zm4sheen at gmail dot com.


Come see us live::

See our calendar for other dates.